How far in advance should I book my party?

Ideally, reservations should be made within 1-2 months of the desired party date, however, we require at least 2 weeks to prepare for any event. Please keep in mind that rush fees may apply with bookings made within 2 weeks before the party date to place orders and accommodate everything in a timely manner.

Where are your events held?
Parties are held at the clients’ request location. Usually in homes, clubhouses, function rooms, or any party area that you may request.

How much time is included in the package?
All our packages are scheduled for 3 hours except our School Party Package which runs for 45 minutes to an hour. This number represents the maximum number of hours that may be needed to complete all services in that package. Some parties may finish sooner, but most finish right at the maximum hour mark. As a reminder, please be sure to select a party start and end time for your guests that not only allows the maximum allotted hours needed for our services, but time for any special activities that you may have planned as well.

What are the recommended ages for the parties?
Our activities are recommended for ages 3-15 but all ages, even adults, are welcome to join. Younger age groups are also welcome given that they are accompanied and guided by their parent or guardian.

What days and times are parties held?
Kiddie Art Kart is available any time and any day EXCEPT on the following dates: Holy Week (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, Easter Sunday), December 24, 25, 31, and January 1.

May I add more guests to the basic package rate?
Of course! You always have the option to add more kiddie guests or more projects to your package, however, we request that you give us the final count at least 1 week before the date of the party. Last minute adjustments may require additional logistics costs depending on the project. Please feel free to let us know so we can make a special quotation for you.

What do I need to provide for Kiddie Art Kart at the party?

Our usual setup requires a 5 x 5 meter space, a rectangular table (approximately 3ft long) for our art menu display, access to water supply and water disposal, provision for electricity/power source. Activity tables are not included in the package but may be rented for P 800 each.

How much time do you need for setting up?Our team will arrive an hour before the official event start time to unload and setup for your party. Upon arrival, please have the payment ready and the selected activity space clear so the team may setup as quickly as possible.Upon completion of services, the team will begin cleaning up. This process usually takes around 30-45 minutes.

Will you bring tables and chairs? Decorations?
Activity tables and chairs are not included in our package rates but we have activity table sets that you may rent for P 800 each. We provide linen for the tables and a roll-up backdrop. Our decorations are only arranged for the art menu display to give enough working space for the children to do the activity, but you are more than welcome to provide any additional decors that you may want to add.

Every location is different and we must adapt the setup according to each individual party. It would be helpful to send us photos of the area prior to the party.


How many kids can you accommodate?
Our basic package includes two (2) Creativity Coaches and each is assigned per table table that can accommodate 6 kids at most at one time (12 in total). We limit the number to ensure a quality party and to ensure that each guest gets the special attention they deserve.

What is your method?
Kiddie Art Kart has a non-instructional method in facilitating our art activities. This means that we do not give step-by-step instructions, but only guide the children in doing or making the project. We introduce our tools and materials laid in front of them which they are to use freely. Our Process Art method encourages children to learn different skills while creating art, instead of focusing on the finished product.


Can we leave our kids?
Kiddie Art Kart respects the parental authority exercised by the parent/s or by any guardian of the child during the entire event. Kiddie Art Kart requires that the parent/guardian be physically present with the child during the art activity. Kiddie Art Kart shall not exercise substitute or special parental authority over the child and shall in no case be held liable for any injury, illness, death, loss, theft, and damage of any personal belongings that may occur during the activity.


Do you offer art classes?
Right now, we do not offer any art classes. However, we do hold art camps or events. To know about our upcoming art camps and events, please sign up here for our newsletter.